The 'MUST HAVE's in your marketing strategy'

Take some time out to consider how to develop a strategic marketing plan.

About the programme

What is your plan for future business growth?

Perhaps you undertake regular strategy reviews or you have a team who bring you well researched, up-to-date audits of your current position in the marketplace.

But you may be similar to the majority of businesses - planning seems like a luxury and you're not quite sure which area to tackle first. Who do you want to target? Which markets should we pursue? Shall we develop a new product? What will it cost and how should we allocate the budget? If this sounds like you, why not join others who also want to learn about the 'Must Haves' of your marketing strategy.

If you'd like some new ideas, strategic advice or guidance about how to structure a practical marketing plan, do join us at our next Business Booster session on 30th Jan 2015.

You'll learn about

  • How to define your true goals & ambitions (and how this sets the direction)
  • Where are you now? (being real about your current performance)
  • Plan your attack - strategic choices
  • Market trends that make or break
  • Ignore competitors at your peril
  • You don't 'target' everyone!
  • Reaching your market - the integrated marketing mix
  • Digital marketing strategy in a digital age
  • Resourcing the plan
  • Measure what matters.

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We reserve the right to change the course content at any time.

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TBC 2017

09:00 to 11:30

£49 (+ VAT) per delegate

The King's Centre
33-35 Victoria Road
Burgess Hill
West Sussex
RH15 9LR

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