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Branding Social Media for PVL UK Ltd

Branding Social Media for PVL UK Ltd

Consistency is a crucial part of branding and communications. When creating your brand, it's important to consider how it can be applied consistently across different media, e.g. from online to print. 

Specialist fleet graphics manufacturer and supplier, PVL wanted a presence on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to keep their customers up to date with current projects and news, as their customer and influencer profile ranges from informal contact to professional, senior decision makers.

For PVL, the same ‘banner’ image was deployed on their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages and we ensured that, for each platform, the logo displayed correctly as social media sites all use different size and format files.

We now work with the PVL team managing and monitoring the content and growth of the traffic through their social sites as well as promoting their online shop, building their e-commerce success.

At Preview we understand brand consistency and how this can help your business. Talk to us about making a consistent presentation on social media sites and engaging with your audience.

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