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LinkedIn - which staff members should use it?

LinkedIn - which staff members should use it?

You? Sales team? Senior managers? All staff? If you have responsibility for building business, the reasons for joining LinkedIn’s 200+ million members are compelling. It is perfect for finding new people, keeping in touch with contacts and showcasing your professional / company expertise. But have you considered how your staff should represent you on LinkedIn?

It is a question that I often get asked in our workshops and the answer is quite straightforward. As an employer, you would like your employees to represent your company in the best possible light but as any person has a right to set up their own LinkedIn profile,  it cannot be ‘controlled’ by the company as the licence agreement is with the individual. This means that you can’t restrict it to just ‘sales’ team or ‘senior managers’ or ‘customer-facing’ staff.

So usually the best policy is to encourage staff to present a professional profile for themselves with your COMPANY NAME in the same format that you set up your company profile e.g. Preview (not Preview Ltd). If you explain how to write a good personal profile (with examples) and demonstrate the sort of posts you make, most employees happily comply. Encourage them to use a professional looking photo and perhaps you could arrange a team photo-shoot as an incentive where they get to keep the images they like best. There is a great benefit of having staff engaged on LinkedIn because they will show up in your COMPANY PROFILE as staff members and whenever they post anything, it will reach a much wider network with a link to your company details. This helps demonstrate individual’s expertise AND staff’s alignment to the company. But don’t forget that when employees post comments, they sit with that individual rather than on your company profile. Your LinkedIn administrator can always add posts referring to company activity.

We’ve found that encouraging best practice for staff has definitely proved to be the most effective way (rather than a free for all or policing bad behaviour) so when you have an exciting piece of news, a new video or an interesting tip to share – why not ask your staff to share it too?

We’ve trained many companies, sales teams and individuals in how to use LinkedIn – and they’ve really noticed the difference. Let us know if we can help you too.

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