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Tips to help you gear up your online selling

Tips to help you gear up your online selling

You may have been selling via your website, perhaps using an order form, advertising the products online but taking orders over the phone.

But if you are now ready to gear up to online ordering and payment, it can be daunting knowing the best way forward. What are the options and what do you need to think about? 

You may NOT need a new website

Firstly, don’t panic, there are several options whereby you can integrate ‘shopping’ software within your website so take advice from your web design agency about which might be the most suitable. If you want to sell just a few items per month, you might find that you can use PayPal or EventBrite (for sessions or events). But if you want to sell more, you’ll need to think about whether you want to offer discounts, ship abroad, provide order tracking, take deposits or offer alternative ways to pay when drawing  up your specification for the shopping software you use.

You may need a new website

“Huh – I thought you just said I didn’t need a new website!” 

Well it will depend on the technology platform of your existing website BUT oddly, it can be cheaper to move to an entirely new platform designed specifically for shopping. Many of our customers are very happy using OpenCart, Magento and ZenCart and we’ve been able to adapt these to the precise requirements of our clients.  So starting again might actually be a good thing as it is a great opportunity to refresh your design / styling and update some of the rest of your website content – as well as streamlining the shopping experience.

Payment gateways

These authorise payments for online sales and they protect credit card details by encrypting sensitive information as it passes from your customer to the payment processor (e.g. bank or credit card company). Different merchants require different % fees depending on your transaction volume, amounts and frequency – there are services where you can compare the fee levels / providers for your type of business. And it is also worth asking your business bank – they may be able to give you a better deal.

Displaying your products / services

Almost all shops rely on images of a product nowadays although clearly this is harder for services. Think about how you will get high quality photos of your products or how you might represent your services (e.g. well-designed colour coded icons) to make the shopping experience easier.

Preview has many years’ experience in successfully integrating shopping software into client’s existing websites as well as branding off-the shelf software and building bespoke solutions. For some clients, we manage the photos and upload the products / prices, others do it for themselves. Our clients sell across the world, some with high volume / low value, others with high value transactions. Let us know how we can help you.

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