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Biggest barrier to business exploiting search engine marketing and social networks

Biggest barrier to business exploiting search engine marketing and social networks

We were very pleased to be sponsoring CIM Sussex again this year as their events attract a great group of marketers and business people from across the county and some excellent speakers. Their first event of the season on Thursday, Maximise your sales with search and social media, was no exception with the venue seemingly full to bursting .... probably a fair indication of the interest in this area at the moment!

The presentation broke into two parts. A fellow sponsor spoke on the basic how to's and some more technical aspects of SEO and linking in with Social Media. Following that a major UK media group explained how they use their news and feature content to build the brand on-line through SEO and links with social sites. It was fascinating, although I'm sure every marketer in the room envied our presenter the richness of the content he had to work with ... not to mention his budgets!

The general impression from guests afterwards was along the lines of that looks a great opportunity ... I just wish I could do more. Having done a lot of technical search engine optimisation for clients, as well as a good deal of writing and content generation, the event got us thinking. What's the biggest barrier to business's exploiting search engine marketing and social networks more? Not feeling you've got the technical know-how? .... or not having enough content you think is strong enough to grab people's attention? ... not having the budget? .... or simply not having the time?

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