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New legal rules for websites

New legal rules for websites

As you may have spotted from their recent advertising campaign, from March 1st the Advertising Standards Authority's online remit will be extended to cover marketing communications on organisations' own websites. The UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing (the CAP Code) will apply in full to marketing messages online, including the rules relating to misleading advertising, social responsibility and the protection of children.

It is worth noting that this applies not only to your own website(s) but also to other on-line space under your control (ranging from banner adverts to copy you have provided to go on other peoples' sites about your business) AND to your organisation's Social Networking sites - Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn etc.

If you have not reviewed your site recently now may be a good time for a quick bit of housekeeping, making sure that all the copy and messages are up-to-date and taking down any out-dated material.

Some further free advice is available at the ASA's website.

Given the new rules we will do our best to prioritise any changes clients need to make to sites before March 1st. Please call Wes or email as soon as possible if you require any assistance.

Ankur Shah by Ankur Shah
posted on 07/02/2011

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