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Ridding the world of Internet Explorer 6

Ridding the world of Internet Explorer 6

We spotted an interesting article recently that highlighted the issues and dangers of using out of date browsers on computers. You may find it worth a quick read.

The article on Engadget caught our eye by including phrases such as 'horrible, out-dated web browser'. We were particularly interested to see the global user statistics, with 3.5% of users in the UK still using Internet Explorer 6. Compared with more modern browsers this is significantly low. According to statistics online, the current world leader with 29% penetration is Internet Explorer (IE) version 8, Firefox version 3 with 27% is second and IE v7 is in third place with 13%. IE6 falls short, globally, with only 7% of the share.

The advantage of making sure your browser is up-to-date is, first and foremost, security. Browsers do get updated for a reason - it's not just to annoy you with update requests just as you want to do something urgently! Using out-dated browser versions may have serious security flaws that allow malicious websites to read your files, damage your files, steal your passwords or infect your computer with viruses. Old browsers are prone to having bugs and limitations that may create problems when using modern websites. New browsers, on the other hand, are much faster and the creators are all continuing to improve the user experience. Some sites are only compatible with new browsers, especially technology heavy websites with video, movement or interaction.

In developing websites we aim to ensure that the site content is compatible and accessible by any browser; but there will often be certain modern techniques and functionality that aren't compatible with older browsers. Web technology is a fast moving industry and is always striving to be one step ahead. The older the browser used, the more limited or even basic the user's experience of the web will be.

For security and usability reasons we would encourage everyone to upgrade to the latest version of the browser you use. Your experience on the web will be significantly improved.

Have a read of the Engadget article and let us know what you're using.


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