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Are you adapting to your audience?

Are you adapting to your audience?

In a recent survey conducted by EA, 6 in 10 under-25s thought Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg had a more important impact on history than Sir Isaac Newton and Martin Luther King. This clearly shows young people’s strong relationship with online communication and social activities.

The way young people interact with technology is constantly evolving:

With 500 new mobile devices and 100 new tablets being launched this year, so are their online attitudes and habits. Not only do they enjoy communicating with their peers, they’re also open to communicating with brands. Branded apps such as Barclay Card’s Waterslide app, with 10,000,000 downloads, are massive business and encourage repeated consumer engagement.

Engage with change:

Teens and those in their early 20s are a highly sought after target audience due to their relatively high rate of disposable income. Brands need to earn this audience’s attention and meet them where they already are: online and on their mobile devices.

  • The average student spend is £185 a week
  • Over 650 million people access the internet only with their mobile phone
  • 18% of iPhone users are on their handset for at least 4 hours a day

Soon, the Mobile Generation will have more buying power than all other generations combined - a fact your brand can’t afford to ignore. We can create an app to meet and engage your audience on a platform they are rarely without.

Make yourself available:

Apps are commonly used by young people as a method of passing the time, perhaps when there is a lack of Internet: on the train, in a lecture even. They can be practical tools aiding the user with tasks. It is estimated that approximately 125 years worth of Angry Birds is played every day and that 70% of consumers having already downloaded a branded app.

With this high level of consumer involvement with applications, it is clear that there is a large audience ready to be engaged. Through a functional or entertaining app, a brand can ensure a constant and positive association as well as a deeper relationship with its audience.

How an app can help your brand:

In education, apps can be used to assist in many aspects of student life, for example:

  • Providing an accessible and offline prospectus
  • Maps, timetables, jobs board, events and information for current students
  • Open day guides for prospective students
  • Near by attractions and offers, as the location can be as important as the faculty 
  • FAQs and a help forum directly linked to faculty staff

All of which will enhance the student experience, encouraging new applications and recommendations from current students.

Let us help you:

Young consumers are bombarded by many opportunities to explore and decisions to make. A branded app could ensure your target audience chooses you over a competitor by making you readily available in their preferred medium. Here at Preview, we recently created the Careers 4U App, commissioned by East Sussex County Council, which has been designed to get young people between the ages of 14 and 18 to start thinking about the wide range of careers available to them once they leave school or college. Take a look to see how we have engaged the consumer through this app and increased the presence of Careers 4U. Contact us so we can do the same for you.

Laura Hills by Laura Hills
posted on 15/06/2011

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