Web services and web applications

Using the power of the web to engage with clients or partners.

No website needs to be static brochure-ware. Utilising web services that combine the open source programming power of PHP and MySQL, you can harness the near limitless potential of the web for interaction with clients, contacts or partners.

Web Services can be used to share business logic, data and processes through a programmed interface enabling your organisation to communicate with partners or clients behind a secure firewall.

We can develop an entirely new bespoke browser-based interface or adapt an existing application to a standard compliant web application that can be used on any platform giving your clients web access to online applications without the need for software downloads and installations.

Some practical examples of web application implementations:

Building On-Line Communities

Internet users increasingly prefer information sources that they can change or adopt. A web application can offer this functionality through content categorisation and management of video sharing, photo sharing, social networking and complex multimedia presentations, enabling you to build a community around your customers or partners in which you can share and distribute information.

Publishing & Encyclopaedias

We can create multi user blogging and wiki sites, giving users the power of collaboration and contribution, encouraging them to take ownership of their own content and establish their own workflows. Again this can be an excellent tool for placing your business at the centre of a community of customers or partners, or for sharing information within larger organisations.

Feedback and Analysis

By integrating a web application with company information sources such as software and hardware, you can analyse, manage and automate processes to offer feedback, ratings, voting and discussions.

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